Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy for Treating Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)

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What is Benign Prostate Hyperplasia – BPH?

BPH is enlargement of the prostate and very common. It effects 70% of men over the age of 60 and 90% of men by age 85. BPH can have a negative effect on daily life by causing urgency and frequent urination and a weak stream. More serious conditions may occur if BPH is not treated.


Why does the prostate get enlarged?

The prostate cells will gradually multiply which is called benign prostate hyperplasia. As the cells multiply the prostate will become enlarged causing squeezing or pressure of the urethra. This may cause symptoms including frequent urination, urinary leakage and urgency.

What are the symptoms of BHP?

Symptoms of BHP may include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Bladder can feel full even when it is emptied
  • Urgency
  • Weak stream
  • Difficulty starting and stopping urination
  • Urinary leakage

If you are experiencing symptoms please consult with your physician or schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified urologists by calling 425.454.8016.

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What are the treatment options for BPH?

There are several treatment options for BPH including medications, supplements and/or surgery.  Another option for treating BPH is Rezūm.

What is Rezūm?

Rezūm is a minimally invasive alternative to benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) medications or surgery (enlarged prostate). It relieves symptoms safely and effectively in an office or out-patient setting, with minimal side effects. The procedure is done during one visit, patients return to activities within a few days and it is considered medically necessary by Medicare and most private insurance.

Rezūm uses the natural energy stored in water vapor, or steam, to treat the extra prostate tissue that is causing the BPH symptoms. The water vapor is delivered into the targeted prostate tissue and when the vapor contacts the tissue it turns back into water, releasing all the stored energy, causing the prostate cells to dissolve.

Over time, the body’s natural healing response removes the dead cells, shrinking the prostate. With the extra tissue removed, the urethra opens, reducing BPH symptoms. Most patients begin to experience symptom relief in as soon as two weeks and maximum benefit will occur within three months.

Why choose Rezūm as your treatment option?

  1. Avoids the side effects caused by medications
  2. Rezum is backed by clinical studies and proven to be safe and effective
  3. Symptom relief and improvement within 2 weeks
  4. Out-patient therapy
  5. No anesthesia
  6. Maintains erectile and urinary functions
  7. Minimal down-time – most patients return to normal activity within a few days
  8. Long lasting symptom relief

What are the risks of Rezūm?

All treatments for treating BPH have some risks. The potential risks associated with Rezūm include:

  • Painful urination known as dysuria
  • Frequency, retention or urgency to urinate
  • Blood in the urine or semen
  • UTI – urinary tract infections

Before any and all treatments please consult with your physician You can schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified Urologists by calling (425)454.8016.

Can Rezūm cause erectile dysfunction?

US FDA approval studies indicate ejaculatory function is preserved following treatment with Rezūm.

Is Rezūm painful?

Rezūm is done with oral sedation or local anesthesia. Pain and discomfort will vary from patient to patient. Discuss these options with your physician prior to treatment.

How much does Rezūm cost?

Rezūm is covered by most insurance but will vary based on individual plans. Washington Urology cannot guarantee that your treatment will be covered. Costs may depend on the extent of your coverage and deductibles. We recommend that you consult with your insurance company prior to any treatments.

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Am I a candidate for Rezūm?

Rezūm is intended to relieve the symptoms of BHP by reducing the prostate tissue. Men who over the age of 50 with a prostate enlarged to 30cm3 – 80cm3 are candidates.

To find out if Rezūm is the best treatment option for you consult with your physician or schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified Urologists by calling us at (425) 454.8016.

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